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Health Care for Employees

Design custom plans that curtail costs and improve employee participation.


Why choose Ensurian to help design custom group solutions?

Ensurian works in concert with insurance and non-insurance providers to design custom group health care solutions. With a wide range of plans and business services at our disposal, we present unique opportunities that give employers more flexibility, transparency and control over their benefits programs. Plus, we help employers meet the diverse needs of their employee populations while simultaneously curtailing costs.

Employers count on Ensurian to present a variety of options, including:

  • Self-funded Programs
  • Level-funded Programs
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Telemendicine Services
  • Multiple Network Options
  • Experience-rated, Flexible Underwriting

Plan Types

About Ensurian

Ensurian is a national brokerage firm which represents innovative health care solutions. We help individuals and families access affordable, high-quality health care options, and work with employers to design group solutions that curtail costs yet improve employee participation.

Ensurian brokers use the most advanced technology to sell a wide selection of insurance, non-insurance products and business services. Our systems make it easy for clients to compare plans and enroll in those that best suit their overall health and financial goals.

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